Pests of Bhendi

OKRA SHOOT AND FRUIT BORER Causal organism : Earias vitella and Earias insulana Symptoms of damageUpper part of the plant wither and droop We can observe shedding of buds and flowers Bores holes in fruits Deformed fruits can be seen. IdentificationEarias VitellaEgg Egg are sky blue in colour and are small.Larva Are brownish with white streaks

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Brinjal farming and pest management

Brinjal is one of the most common tropical vegetables grown in India. It is known by different names like Begun (Bengali), ringna (Gujarathi), baingan ( Hindi), badane (Kannada), waangum (Kashmiri), vange ( Marathi), baigan (Oriya), Vashuthana ( Malayalam), Kathiri (Tamil), venkaya (Telugu) and Peethabhala (Sanskrit). A large number of cultivars differing in size, shape and

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