Thrips Management In Chilli

Caused by : Scirtothrips dorsalis

Symptoms of Damage

  1. Infected parts turns to brown colour followed by black colour
  1. Scarring of leaves – Thrips starts to scrape the leaf surface
  1. Discolouration of flowers and fruits – Flowers and the fruits start to turn to yellowish or pale colour
  1. Upward curling of leaves

Control Measures
Seed treatment with Imidachloprid 70%WS @12g/kg of seeds.

Do not follow chilli after sorghum
Intercropping with Sesbania grandiflora to provide shade.
Use insecticides like,
1. Tracer
2. Ethion 2ml/l
3. Fipronil 1.5ml/l
4. Neem oil 5%

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