Caused by : Colletotrichum orbiciulare

It is one of the serious diseases of Cucumber which attacks all the plant parts.


Yellowish circular spots having grey centre can be found on the leaves. We can also find yellow sunken spots on the fruits. Plants growth and yield will be decreased due to this.


Use fungicides like Ziram, Acrisio which effectively controls this disease

Parijat Shapat can also prevent anthracnose disease in cucumber

Bacterial wilt

Caused by : Erwinia tracheiphila


Vascular tissues of the plants are mostly affected. Yellowing and drying of the leaves and twigs can be seen. Blighted appearance on the leaves. Later plants will immediately wilt and leads to death of the plant.


Drench with Carbendazim 0.1%

Spray COC to control wilt disease

Drench with Redomil gold

Powdery mildew

Caused by : Erysiphe cichoracearum


On the upper surface of the leaves white powdery mass can be seen. Growth of the plant is hindered. Later the leaves starts to wither and finally the whole crop will be lost.


Application of Carbendazim @ 2g/lit of water

Spray fungicides like Chlorthalonyl, Benomyl etc.


Caused by : Cucumber mosaic virus


Irregular yellowing of leaves can be seen. Leaves starts to bend down and the fruit knobs starts turning pale/yellow colour. Finally Plants become stunted. It is transmitted by aphids.


Use insecticides like Shine @ 2.5ml/lit

Bio product like Bio R 303 can also be used @ 1.5 ml/lit

Imidachloprid and Willomax can be used to control this disease.

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