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  • 19 19 19 – Zetol sure 19-19-19 N P K 1kg

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  • 2 , 4 D Agan

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  • 2 , 4 D Agan

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    9 watt solar led street light system

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    Driver Efficiency:              Greater than 85% LED Luminous Efficiency:

    LED Working Voltage: 3.18v(350ma) Number Of LEDs:

    18 Power Consumption:LED Luminous Efficiency:70-82


    Light Source:                                     OSRAM/CREE

    Height Of pole:                      4.5 M Powder Coated

    Recommended Pole Distance:               8m-10m

    Maximum Current Consumption:         350ma

    Max Temperature of Heat Sink:            650C

    LED Beam Angel:                                   800/td>

    Storage Temperature:                            350C

    Working Life:                                          60000 HRS

    Body Type:       High pressure Aluminium Die Cast



    Manufactured in accordance with high standards of design & Quality Control

    Positive Tolerance

    Guarantee positive tolerance from

    +5%/ -O Delivers higher outputs reliably

    High Model Output

    Highest conversion efficiency

    Excellent module effciency

    Solar cell efficiency up to 18.3%

    Module efficiency up to 15.6%

    High performance

    Higher PV energy yields even under low light and cloudy condition


    Premium quality raw material and advanced manufacturing processes guarantees the reliability Of our modules

    EL Tested (ELECTRO LUMINESCENCE) Fully conforms to certification and regulatory


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  • AANDHI-71

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  • AC-116

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  • acemain

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