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What Are the Favorable Methods of Pest Control in Crops??

There are several methods of pest control in crops, some of which are more environmentally friendly than others. Here are some of the most favorable methods: Overall, a combination of these methods is often the most effective way to control pests in crops, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and human health.

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How to Protect Crops from pest Attack In Summer.??

Pests can be a major problem for crops during the summer months. Here are some tips on how to protect crops from pest attacks in summer: Overall, protecting crops from pest attacks in summer requires a combination of cultural practices, natural pest control, and judicious use of pesticides. By implementing these measures, farmers can reduce

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How To Protect Crops During Summer..??

Protecting crops during the summer can be a challenge due to high temperatures, drought, and pests. Here are some tips on how to protect crops during the summer: Overall, protecting crops during summer requires a combination of proper watering, pest control, fertilization, and crop rotation. With the right measures in place, crops can thrive during

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It belongs to the family Iridiaceae and it is native to South Africa. Gladiolus is one of the most wanted flowers in the world. It is also know as “Queen of Flowers”. It is a perennial flowering plant which has sword shape leaves, funnel shaped perianth and spoon shaped branches. The flowers bloom mainly in

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Cucumis melo, Cucurbitaceae Origin : IranMuskmelon is one of the important vegetable crop of India. These are called as mother fruits of several better-known cultivars. It is rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It contains about 90% of water and 9% Carbohydrates. In India muskmelon is mostly grown in states like Punjab, Tamil

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