NO snake – organic snake repellent 1kgs Get rid of snakes in your farm , lawns , godowns


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Dr Snake Repellent: Natural Protection Against Serpentine Intrusions


Product Description:

Introducing Dr Snake Repellent, a revolutionary natural snake repellent that combines the power of plant extracts with aromatic allure. In crystalline form, with a slight brown hue and a distinctive aroma, this repellent acts as an effective deterrent against snake intrusions. Safeguard your premises, warehouses, and buildings with this eco-friendly solution designed for long-lasting protection.


Key Features:

  1. Natural Plant Extract Formula:

– Dr Snake Repellent is crafted from a natural plant extract formula, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution to keep snakes at bay.


  1. Aromatic Odor:

– The repellent emits a pleasant aromatic odor, creating a barrier that discourages snakes from entering the protected area.


  1. Crystalline Form:

– Presented in crystalline form, Dr Snake Repellent is easy to apply and distribute evenly along walls, fences, and borders, forming an effective protective barrier.


  1. Long-Lasting Effect:

– Once applied as instructed, Dr Snake Repellent provides protection for a remarkable four months, offering extended peace of mind against snake encounters.



  1. Warehouse Protection:

– Apply Dr Snake Repellent along the walls of warehouses to prevent snake intrusion and protect stored goods.


  1. Premises Fencing:

– Safeguard the perimeter of your premises by applying the repellent along fencing, creating a snake-repelling barrier.


  1. Building Walls:

– Protect the walls of your buildings from snake intrusions by applying Dr Snake Repellent strategically.


How To Use:

  1. Even Distribution:

– Distribute Dr Snake Repellent crystals evenly along the fence, walls, and borders of the infected location.

– Apply at a rate of 7 running meters per kilo for effective coverage.


  1. Long-Lasting Protection:

– Following application, the repellent will remain effective for a period of four months, providing sustained protection.



  1. Proper Storage:

– Store Dr Snake Repellent at room temperature to maintain its efficacy.


  1. Disposal Guidelines:

– Dispose of pouches in accordance with local regulations for environmental safety.


  1. Protective Gear:

– Always use gloves and goggles while applying Dr Snake Repellent to ensure personal safety.



– Dr Snake Repellent is safe for dogs, cats, and other pet animals, ensuring a secure environment for your furry companions.


Guard your space against slithering threats with Dr Snake Repellent – where nature meets protection! 🌿🐍

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

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Vendor Information

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    NO snake – organic snake repellent 1kgs Get rid of snakes in your farm , lawns , godowns