Contact us for Agri related products/services/queries/crop patterns leading to good harvest and profit.

We value our farmers and provide digital and mechanical support with our top advisory panel. We analyze the market trends with AI technology and provide value service to our famers.

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We advise farmers regarding differnt farming techniques, Weather based farming, advise to make right choice of products i.e., purchases including seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farm machineries & equipment etc

We consult with farmers in English, Hindi and Kannada. Also, our blog support around 10 Indian languages.

We combine our experience and expertise to help farmers unravel productive opportunities, across each stage of the crop cycle – from seed treatment to harvesting. They guide and assist farmers to use equipment, technology and modern processes on their farm.

Our agricultural advisory panel worked with more than 350 farmers across India, over 2 years, for various crops.

For now we do not charge anything from farmers and the service is FREE of cost


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