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We combine our experience and expertise to help farmers unravel productive opportunities, across each stage of the crop cycle – from seed treatment to harvesting. They guide and assist farmers to use equipment, technology and modern processes on their farm.

Our agricultural advisory panel worked with more than 350 farmers across India, over 2 years, for various crops.

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We strive to be a knowledgeable and value enhancing contributor across the value chain to all the farmers. We aim to serve farmers throughout India by building global partnership , to supply quality , cost effective , and on time pesticide delivery to the farmer. We commit overselves to transparent , ethical business practices and innovative solutions. We dedicate ourselves 100% to provide farmer his all 4 Rights

  • Right  to Good seeds
  • Right to good fertilizer
  • Right to good pesticides
  • Right to GOOD and FARE PRICE

Our strength is our customer , our partners , our dealers, and all our hardworking staff, mainly our agri doctors and our presence in most of the districts of Karnataka.

Our agri doctors play a very important role in our company they are ready to help any customer  24/7 regarding sowing, farming, harvesting, plant diseases and their management.

We have a wide spread network with  Our own Indian Regional Brands and Multi-national Companies which  make us stronger and ready to  deliver goods in a hassle-free manner.

Our goal is to provide every farmer and customer of our company with good quality of pesticide, seeds and fertilizer  at door step at the fair price and within the time limit allotted.

In the developing times of urbanization, farming sector is undergoing worse conditions because of the rate of  urban development and increased cusomers and decrease in producers [FARMERS].

Because  of this farmer is being affected  the most in the form of duplicate seeds, fertilizer and pesticide. We maintain utmost transparency and loyalty and help farmer to choose right products for better yield and income.

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