Fertis pronos – Dormulin 2 FLOWERING AND FRUIT STAGE

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Dormulin Pronos: The Next Evolution in Fertilizer Technology


Unlock the full potential of your crops with Dormulin Pronos, a revolutionary 5th generation patented fertilizer designed to enhance performance and protect your agricultural investments. Formulated with precision and backed by advanced technologies, Dormulin Pronos is engineered to deliver exceptional results throughout the growth cycle of your crops.


Application Instructions:

Dose 1: Mix 1 kg of Dormulin Pronos thoroughly in 200 Ltr. of water and apply as a spray over one acre of standing crop during the Vegetative Stage.


Benefits of Using Dormulin Pronos:

  1. Breaks Physiological Dormancy: Dormulin Pronos features an exclusive patented formulation specially developed to combat physiological dormancy triggered by diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental stresses. By addressing these underlying issues, Dormulin Pronos primes your crops for optimal growth and resilience.


  1. Disease Reduction: Experience a significant reduction in disease incidence thanks to Dormulin Pronos’ proactive approach to crop protection. By fortifying your plants against common pathogens, Dormulin Pronos helps safeguard your yield and minimize losses due to disease outbreaks.


  1. Stress Management: From heatwaves and heavy rainfall to sudden cold snaps, crops face numerous stressors throughout their lifecycle. Dormulin Pronos acts as a shield, buffering your plants against environmental stressors and ensuring they remain vigorous and productive in adverse conditions.


  1. Rapid Nutrient Absorption: Dormulin Pronos incorporates superior technologies that facilitate rapid nutrient absorption by the leaves, particularly during critical growth stages. This efficient nutrient uptake ensures that your crops have access to essential elements precisely when they need them most, promoting robust development and yield potential.


  1. Foliar Nutrition: Nutrients in Dormulin Pronos are presented in the most preferred form for foliar nutrition, allowing for efficient assimilation and utilization by the plant. This targeted approach to nutrient delivery ensures that your crops receive the essential elements required for optimal growth and development.


  1. Grain Filling Optimization: By promoting superior filling of grains, Dormulin Pronos enhances the quality and quantity of your harvest. Experience improved grain yield and quality attributes, resulting in enhanced marketability and profitability for your agricultural enterprise.


Invest in Dormulin Pronos and elevate your crop management practices to new heights. Experience the transformative power of advanced fertilizer technology and witness the difference it makes in your fields. Choose Dormulin Pronos for performance-driven results and unparalleled crop protection.

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    DORMULINFertis pronos – Dormulin 2 FLOWERING AND FRUIT STAGE
    Original price was: ₹1,100.00.Current price is: ₹966.00.