Agri Doctor Consultation – 1 Year Pack


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**Consultancy Charges for Agri Field Management by Krishibharat:**


**1. Charges:**
– Annual Consultancy Fee: Rs. 4,999 per annum
– Valid for Three Crops in a year


**2. Benefits of Consultancy:**
– **Good Yield:** Krishibharat provides expert guidance to optimize crop yield through advanced farming practices and personalized recommendations.
– **Disease Management:** Proactive measures and recommendations to prevent and manage diseases, ensuring a healthier crop.
– **Disease Analysis:** In-depth analysis of any crop diseases that may arise, with tailored solutions for effective control.


**3. Special Offer:**
– **Discount:** Avail up to a 10% discount on consultancy charges exclusively with Krishibharat.


**4. How it Works:**
– **Customized Plans:** Tailored recommendations based on soil health, weather conditions, and crop selection.
– **Regular Updates:** Periodic updates on crop progress, weather forecasts, and relevant insights.
– **24/7 Support:** Access to a dedicated support team for any agricultural queries.


**5. Value Proposition:**
– **Increased Productivity:** Krishibharat’s expertise aims at maximizing crop yield and optimizing resources.
– **Risk Mitigation:** Early detection and management of diseases reduce the risk of crop failure.
– **Sustainable Farming:** Promoting sustainable practices for long-term soil health and environmental conservation.


**6. Cost-Effective Solution:**
– Krishibharat offers an affordable solution, ensuring that farmers get the best returns on their investment.


**7. Subscription Details:**
– An annual subscription covers three crops, providing continuous support throughout the farming cycle.

In conclusion, Krishibharat’s consultancy services not only aim at optimizing agricultural practices but also contribute to sustainable and profitable farming. The discounted pricing further enhances the accessibility of expert guidance, making it an attractive choice for farmers looking to enhance their crop productivity and overall farm management

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Vendor Information

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  • Address: No23, 9th cROSS
    BENGALURU 560040
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