Hybrid Jowar seeds Nath Amarnath – 2000 3kgs

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AMARNATH-2000 is a high-yielding hybrid jowar (sorghum) seed variety known for its robust performance and adaptability. These seeds are engineered to provide optimal growth in various grain sorghum sowing areas, including Rajasthan (RJ), Madhya Pradesh (MP), and Uttar Pradesh (UP). The seeds are characterized by their large grain size, commonly referred to as “Moti sa Dana,” and exhibit excellent disease resistance, ensuring healthy and vigorous crop development.


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Product Description for AMARNATH-2000 Hybrid Jowar Seeds


Product Name: AMARNATH-2000 Hybrid Jowar Seeds



Key Features:

– Large Grain Size: Known as “Moti sa Dana,” AMARNATH-2000 produces large, plump grains that are desirable for both yield and market value.

– Disease Resistance: The variety is bred to be free from common diseases, ensuring healthier crops and reducing the need for chemical treatments.

– Medium Maturity: The crop reaches maturity in a medium time frame, balancing between early and late varieties, making it suitable for various planting schedules.

– Stress Tolerance: AMARNATH-2000 is tolerant to environmental stresses such as drought, ensuring stable performance even under challenging conditions.

– Wide Adaptability: This variety is highly adaptable to different climatic conditions and soil types found in the primary growing regions.


Suitable Regions:

– Rajasthan (RJ)

– Madhya Pradesh (MP)

– Uttar Pradesh (UP)

– All other grain sorghum sowing areas



– Available in 3 kg packs, providing a convenient and manageable quantity for farmers.


Usage Instructions:


  1. Seedbed Preparation:

– Prepare a well-tilled seedbed with good soil structure and adequate moisture.


  1. Sowing:

– Time: Sow seeds during the appropriate season for your region, typically at the beginning of the rainy season for optimal soil moisture.

   – Depth: Sow seeds at a depth of 2-3 cm.

– Spacing: Maintain a spacing of 10-15 cm between plants and 45-60 cm between rows to ensure adequate growth space.


  1. Fertilization:

– Apply a balanced fertilizer based on soil test recommendations to ensure the crop receives essential nutrients.


  1. Irrigation:

– Ensure consistent moisture, especially during the critical growth stages of germination, flowering, and grain filling. AMARNATH-2000 is drought-tolerant but performs best with adequate water supply.


  1. Weed Management:

– Keep the field free from weeds during the early stages of growth to reduce competition for nutrients and water.


  1. Pest and Disease Control:

– Although AMARNATH-2000 is resistant to many diseases, monitor the crop regularly for any signs of pest or disease activity and take appropriate measures if needed.



– Harvest the crop when the grains have matured fully and reached the desired moisture content, ensuring optimal yield and quality.



– Store harvested grains in a cool, dry place to prevent spoilage and maintain quality.


By following these guidelines, farmers can achieve optimal performance and high yields with AMARNATH-2000 hybrid jowar seeds. This variety is designed to offer a reliable and profitable solution for grain sorghum production in diverse growing conditions.

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