Bio R 303 + , damman 303 – Daman bio 303 BIO , sucking pests repplelent in your Garden and farm


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Bio r 303

Product Specification

Bio r 303 + is liquid derevative bio stimulant fertilizer extraxcted from nitrogen and which is used infoliar application in crops .it contains protein which helps in crops development , increases the plant metabolism and  growth.

Product Description Damman Bio-R303 + Fertilizers.

Bio r 303 +  is an unique bio product which acts on plants immune directly.

It has good control on sucking pests like aphids, jassids , thrips , leafminor & mites.

It can cure the initial stage of leaf curl in chilly.

Its widely used in chilly and tomato.

It helps in overall plant growth and induces flowering.

Bio R 303 + – a special liquid fertilizer – provides plants with a rich source of nutrients and helps to promote healthy growth, abundant blossoming and high yields. It is suitable for the whole garden as well as for fruit trees, shrubs and vegetables growing in pots or containers. The product has been developed as a result of biological research on nitrogen fixation systems and contains organic acids, ammonium sulphate and other trace elements. This fertilizer is highly recommended for those customers who apply mainly biological methods of crop production.

Dosage – 1ml – 1.5ml/lt.

It is one of the liquid fertilizer that improves immune system in plants.( Capacity to resist the diseases and insect pests)



It is mainy used to control the sucking pests like aphids, jassids, thrips, whiteflies, leafminors and mites.


It can be used to control whiteflies in Chilly.



It increases the growth of the plant and helps in increasing the flower population in plant.

Finally it leads to higher yield and inturn good profit

While an online casino player may be tempted to buy agricultural fertilizers for his crops, the fact is that farming is much more than just fertilizing your crops. Damman Bio R 303 fertilizer improves the quality of the soil, so a person who likes to play in an instant bank transfer casino nz will have more chances to grow a quality crop. Plus, feeding your crops can lead to mega-harvests.

Bio r 303 , is liquid fertilizer extracted from wild species of laminaria plant. it helps in inceasing flowering , photosynthesis and thereby helps to evelop protection against natoral calamaties.




The reason Italians buy liquid fertilizers is because they provide plants with a rich source of nutrients and promote healthy growth. Liquid fertilizers also help keep plants in good shape, which means they will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Italy’s mercati del gioco are a favorite place among Italians who love to grow a variety of plants and often buy special liquid fertilizers for this purpose. In addition, liquid fertilizer provides plants with nutrients that can help them resist diseases and pests. Finally, buying liquid fertilizers online allows Italians to buy products that are not available in stores.
  1. cotton
  2. tur
  3. gram
  4. mustard
  5. Cumins
  6. Sugarcane
  7. Tea
  8. Coffee
  9. Cabbage
  10. Cauliflower and all vegetables and fruit crops.

Compostion: plant extract containg Nitrogen N- 2% , Phosphorous – 1% , pottasium -3 % , plants fat – 18% , water – 52%.  Remaing dissolving and stabilising agents.

Disclaimer: – the purchace desision and use of this product for any pupose by the buyer is solely his / her discreation and company is not responsible for any damages whatsover company offers non warranty or liability for this prodoct and no legal action can be instigated against the company.

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”


Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm
quantity in ltr

1ltr, 250 ml, 500ml, wholesale 1lts X 10, wholesale 250ml X 40, wholesale 500ml X 20pcs



Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Bio R 303 + , damman 303 – Daman bio 303 BIO , sucking pests repplelent in your Garden and farm

  1. Rupesh shhu yours X Dillars Bilaspur CG

    Good but

  2. Anirudh

    very good

  3. kana

    top quality product , without fail it worked on my chilly.

  4. Kirankumar

    Good prodouct and very good service by krishibharat thanks for the delevery on time.

  5. Anil

    Very good for chilly.
    Top results


    Awsoem product for chilli❤

  7. Akshay gade

    Though in recent research articles it is observed that laminaria extract stimulates plant growth, but I have used your Bio R 303 product, I have not got significant results on my cotton plot, and one more thing that price of products is also high as compared to its production cost, and the shop owners are suggesting farmers to mix this product with other insecticide , pesticides while spraying (just because they have to sell their other products also) but this will affect the activity.

    • kiran (verified owner)

      thank you for your great review sir, i suggest do not mix this product with otherv insecicides as , this products itself helps plants control on major sucking pests and promotes growth. for better results on ur development of plant please spray with seleoo 001

  8. abhishekjalageri1

    Top quality seeds with good results, original product
    Thank you krishibharat

  9. abhishek.j.uu215463

    Got good result after using this product, super quality
    Thank you krishibharat

  10. dorevenkatesh6

    Super product, good seeds

  11. naresuman162

    Growth accha aaya product use ke baad 👌🏻

  12. kirannayak1516

    Mast product 👌🏻

  13. koushiks718duke

    Product use chesina tarvata result manchi ga vachindi

  14. hemanthyash29455

    Super product

  15. nageshgoudasg

    Best product for chilly

  16. akshayjalageri

    Awesome product

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