Diseases and Pests of Rice


Causal organism : Pyricularia oryzae
It is a most severe disease of rice which is called as Rich men’s disease.
It is also called as Rotten neck or Rice fever disease.
It causes yield loss upto 70 to 80%.

Damage Symptoms
This disease can infect the paddy at all growth stages like
Leaf blast- Entire leaf will have a blast appearance and lodging of crop after emergence of ear

Nodal blast- Nodes becom black and break up

Neck blast- Neck region of panicle develops a black colour and shrivels completely

Grain formation will be inhibited.
Panicle breaks at the neck and droops down.

Formation of Brown spindle eye/boat shaped lesions with grey centre on leaf and leaf sheath(0.5 to 1.5cm length and 0.3 to 0.5cm width).

In severe cases they enlarges and form patches on leaves.

Use thiaphenoate methyl

Seed treatment with Carbendazim @ 2g/kg

Damping Off

Causal organism : Rizactonia solani
It is a condition where seedlings which were healthy will fall over.

It may appear in any stage of the seedling but maximum damge is observed in 5-6 weeks after sowing.

Damage Symptoms
There are two phases
Pre emergence damping off
Seeds which are infected will die before emergence from the soil which results in poor crop stand.

Seedlings will also die before emergence from the soil due to rotting of seeds.

Seedling germinate poorly, wilt and break off and finally die after emergence.

Post emergence damping off
It is the most destructive phase of this.
Here the stems of the seedlings become soft and thin, almost string like where infected.

And finally the seedlings collapse(fall down).

Drench with Redomil gold or metalaxyl


Caused by : Nilaparvata lugens


Are white, laid in mass on the midribs and leaf blades and are cylindrical and curved.

BPH adult is brownish black with yellowish brown body.
It has a distinct white band on its mesentrum and dark brown outer sides.

Symptoms of damage
Nymphs and adults can be found at the base of the plant above the water level

Affected plant dries up and gives brown coloured scorched appearance called “hopper burn”.

Circular patches can be found on matured plant.

It is a vector of grassy stunt disease.

Use Pexalone

Use imidachloprid @ 100-125ml/ha

Early Shoot Borer

Caused by : Scirpophaga incertulas

Are creamy white in colour, flat, oval and scale like and laid in groups.
Eggs are covered with buff coloured hairs


Are pale yellow in colour with dark brown head.

Are white silken cocoon and are found inside the stem

Female moths are bright yellowish and have brown fore wings with a black spot having yellow hairs.
Male moth are smaller with pale yellow forewings without black spot.

Damage Symptoms
We can observe brown coloured egg mass near leaf tip.

Caterpillar bore into central shoot of paddy seedling and tillers, causes drying of the central shoot known as “dead heart”.

Whole panicle will dry and forms “white ear”.

Plants can be easily pulled out by hand.

Use Cartap hydrochloride

By using coragen we can control this shoot borer

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