Pests of Bhendi

OKRA SHOOT AND FRUIT BORER Causal organism : Earias vitella and Earias insulana Symptoms of damageUpper part of the plant wither and droop We can observe shedding of buds and flowers Bores holes in fruits Deformed fruits can be seen. IdentificationEarias VitellaEgg Egg are sky blue in colour and are small.Larva Are brownish with white streaks …

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We can observe number of pests in cotton. They cause severe damage in plants hence destroy the crop and finally decrease the yield. Cotton Aphids Causal organism : Aphis gossypii Symptom of damage They are mainly found on tender shoots and under surface of the leaves They causes curling in leaves Stunted growth can be …


Pumpkin cultivation and management.

Pumpkin is a popular rainy season crop in India. Its majorly grown in kharif season i.e mansoon and summer season. India is the second largest country in the world to produce pumpkin .Here are some local names fro pumpkin:Kumbalakai- kannadaGummadi kaya- telguPoosaniki- tamilMathanga-malayalamLal bhopala- marathiKaddu – hindiKollaano velo -Gujrati Pumpkin seeds Pumkin flower varieties of …

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