White fly management in chilli

white fly

How to Control whitefly!!
controling of whitefly is an easy task in the initial stages , but worst in the extended stages.
here are some easy methods to keep a control on these tiny insects.

Yellow sticky traps are helpful for monitoring and suppressing adult populations.

yellow sticky pad

If found, use the Bug Blaster to hose off plants with a strong stream of water and reduce pest numbers.

Natural predators of this pest include ladybugs and lacewing larvae, which feed on their eggs and the whitefly parasite which destroys nymphs and pupae. For best results, make releases when pest levels are low to medium.

If populations are high, use a least-toxic, short-lived organic pesticide to establish control, then release predatory insects to maintain control.

Damman Cotto 12 is a highly effective biological insecticide containing Beauveria bassiana, an entomopathogenic fungus that attacks a long-list of troublesome crop pests – even resistant strains! Weekly applications can prevent insect population explosions and provide protection equal to or better than conventional chemical pesticides.

Organic Neem Oil can be sprayed on vegetables, fruit trees and flowers to kill eggs, larvae and adults. Mix 1.5ml/ lt of water and spray all leaf surfaces (including the undersides of leaves) until completely wet.

Horticultural oils, which work by smothering insects, are very effective on all stages of this pest.

Fast-acting botanical insecticides should be used as a last resort. Derived from plants which have insecticidal properties, these natural pesticides have fewer harmful side effects than synthetic chemicals and break down more quickly in the environment.

Chemical control:-



Leonis – Pyriproxyfen 10% + Bifenthrin 10% EC

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