Pumpkin cultivation and management.

Pumpkin is a popular rainy season crop in India. Its majorly grown in kharif season i.e mansoon and summer season. India is the second largest country in the world to produce pumpkin .Here are some local names fro pumpkin:Kumbalakai- kannadaGummadi kaya- telguPoosaniki- tamilMathanga-malayalamLal bhopala- marathiKaddu – hindiKollaano velo -Gujrati Pumpkin seeds Pumkin flower varieties of

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Tomato Cultivation & Management

Tomato Cultivation & Management Climate Requirements for Tomato cultivation The temperature range of 10-25 °C is considered ideal for tomato cultivation. The ideal sowing temperature is 10-15 °C coupled with 400-600 mm rainfall. The best quality tomato, red in colour is developed at 21-24 °C temperature.   Soil Requirements & Land Preparation  Tomato grows very well on a wide range of soils,

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