Disease and Pest Management in Pomegranate

Major diseases that can be seen in Pomegranate are as follows.

Alternaria leaf spot

Causal organism : Alternaria alternata

Damage Symtoms

  • We can observe small brown circular spots on the fruits.

  • Later these spots will enlarge, coalesence and form big patches on the fruits.
  • Rotting of fruits can be seen.
  • The affected fruits turn pale which can’t be consumed.

Cercospora Leaf Spot

Causal organism : Cercospora punicae

Damage Symptoms

  • Yellowing of leaves and premature falling
  • Affected plants show small dark brown circular spots on fruits or leaves and later they become irregular
  • We can observe lesions on leaves which are dark brown to black.
  • Infected plants produce raised black lesions.
  • Later the plants dry out and die.


Collection and destruction of affected fruits

Apply fungicide Acrisio which inhibits the activity of fungus

Use Ziram and Parijat Shapat to control this disease.

Spray Mancozeb @ 25ml/lit

Major Pests of Pomegranate are as follows

Fruit borer

Causal organism : Conogethes punctiferalis

Damage Symptoms

  • Caterpillars bores young fruits and starts feeding the internal contents
  • Fuits will dry up and fall down without ripening’


Collection and destruction of of damaged fruits

Use Insecticides like Emamectin Benzoate and Lambda Cyhalothrin

Use Dimethate @ 60ml/lit


Causal organism : Aphis Punicae

Damage Symptoms

Pale coularation and yellowing of leaves

They suck the cell sap from the leaves, fruits.

Stunted growth of plants

Drying and wilting of plants.


Collection and Destruction of infected parts of the plants in the field

Apply Dimethoate @ 2ml/lit

Use of Bio R 303 @ 1.5ml/lit

If there is severe infestation use Shine @ 2.5 ml/lit

Use Damman Cotto 12 to control the aphids effectively

Anar Butterfly

Causal Organism : Deudorix isocrates

Damage Symptoms

Fruits are majorly affected by this pest.

They bores holes in the fruits and starts to feed the internal content of the fruits

Plants starts to dry and stunted growth is observed

In the final stages rotting of fruits is seen and the plants droop off


Apply Dimethoate @ 1.5ml/lit

Use insecticides like

Emamectin benzoat

Lamda Cyhalothrin

Damman A 47

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