Lambda cyhalothrin

Disease and Pest Management in Pomegranate

Major diseases that can be seen in Pomegranate are as follows. Alternaria leaf spot Causal organism : Alternaria alternata Damage Symtoms We can observe small brown circular spots on the fruits. Later these spots will enlarge, coalesence and form big patches on the fruits. Rotting of fruits can be seen. The affected fruits turn pale …

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Soyabean farming and management

CROP IMPROVEMENT SEASON AND VARIETIES Adipattam (June – July) Purattasipattam (Sep. – Oct.) Masipattam (February – March) Co 1 (Irrigated), Co 2, Co(Soy) 3 Rice fallows Co 1, Co 2*  DESCRIPTION OF THE VARIETY Variety Co 1 Co 2 Co (Soy) 3 Parentage Re-selection from a Thailand variety Cross derivative of UGM 21 x JS 335 Cross derivative of UGM …

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