Blue butterfly

Pests of Redgram

GRAMPODBORER Causal organism:Helicoverpa armigera Identification                                                                               Eggs Are creamy white in colour, sphericalinshapeandarelaidsingly. Larvae They shows colourvariation from greenish to brown. Green withdark brown grey lines laterally on the body with lateral white lines and also has dark and pale bands. Pupae Are brown in colour, occurs in soil, leaf and pods. Adults Have light pale …

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Disease and Pest Management in Pomegranate

Major diseases that can be seen in Pomegranate are as follows. Alternaria leaf spot Causal organism : Alternaria alternata Damage Symtoms We can observe small brown circular spots on the fruits. Later these spots will enlarge, coalesence and form big patches on the fruits. Rotting of fruits can be seen. The affected fruits turn pale …

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