Crystal seeds SP 7147 BG II – ROYALCOT BG II Cotton Seeds

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Introducing SP 7147 BG II – ROYALCOT BG II Cotton Seeds

Unlock the potential of your cotton farming with our premium cotton seeds – SP 7147 BG II, also known as ROYALCOT BG II. This variety has been meticulously crafted to thrive in the diverse agricultural landscapes of Maharashtra, making it an ideal choice for farmers seeking superior performance and robust yields.

**Key Features:**

1. **Regional Adaptability:** Tailored specifically for Maharashtra, these cotton seeds exhibit exceptional adaptability to the region’s unique climatic conditions, ensuring optimal growth and yield.

2. **Maturity:** With a maturity period of 150-160 days, SP 7147 BG II is designed to provide farmers with a reliable and efficient crop cycle, allowing for better planning and management.

3. **Package of Practice:** Our recommended package of practice ensures successful cultivation. Follow the guidelines for optimal results, including a seed rate of 700-900 gm per acre, strategically timed sowing windows, and appropriate spacing based on irrigation conditions.

4. **Advantages:**
– *Tall, Open, Erect Plant Type:* Facilitates easy cultivation and harvest.
– *Excellent Crop Appeal:* Ensures a visually appealing and healthy cotton crop.
– *Big Boll Size (5.5 – 5.8 gm):* Maximizes yield per boll, contributing to higher overall production.
– *Moderate Tolerance to Sucking Pests:* Helps protect your crop against common pests, ensuring a healthier harvest.
– *More Yield in First 2 Picking:* Experience increased yields right from the initial picking stages.
– *Suitable for Full and Partial Irrigation & Rainfed Conditions:* Versatility in water requirements makes it adaptable to various farming scenarios in Maharashtra.
– *Resistant to Bacterial Blight & Grey Mildew:* Enhances the resilience of the crop, reducing the risk of diseases.

Empower your cotton farming venture with SP 7147 BG II – ROYALCOT BG II. Order now and witness a bountiful harvest that meets and exceeds your expectations. Cultivate success with our premium cotton seeds.

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