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Introducing the Minerva CCH 09 BG II, a remarkable cotton hybrid designed for optimal performance in the diverse agricultural landscapes of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. With a medium maturity duration of 160-165 days, this hybrid stands out for its regional adaptability, ensuring robust growth and yield in varied climatic conditions.

**Key Features:**

1. **Cotton Variety:** Minerva CCH 09 BG II boasts a superior cotton variety that promises exceptional quality and yield.

2. **Regional Adaptability:** Specifically tailored for the agricultural environments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, this hybrid demonstrates resilience and adaptability to the unique conditions of these regions.

3. **Maturity Duration:** With a medium maturity period of 160-165 days, Minerva CCH 09 BG II aligns itself as a reliable choice for farmers seeking consistent and timely yields.

4. **Package of Practice:**
– *Seed Rate:* 900 gm per acre, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.
– *Sowing Window:* Tailored for optimal results – May and June for irrigated conditions, and June and July for rainfed cultivation.
– *Spacing (Row x Plant):* Adaptable spacing configurations – 120 x 60 cm under irrigated and high-input conditions, and 90 x 45 cm under rainfed and light soils.

5. **Advantages:**
– *Big Boll Size:* Impressive boll size ranging from 6.0 gm to 6.5 gm, enhancing overall yield.
– *Vigorous & Erect Growth Habit:* Robust and upright plant structure for efficient sunlight absorption and nutrient utilization.
– *Excellent Boll Retention:* Ensures a higher percentage of bolls are retained, contributing to increased productivity.
– *Boll Opening & Easy Picking:* Facilitates easy harvesting with excellent boll opening, streamlining the picking process.
– *Adaptability:* Well-suited for both irrigated and rainfed conditions, offering flexibility to farmers based on their specific cultivation practices.
– *High-Input Conditions:* Thrives in high-input conditions, making it a reliable choice for farmers aiming for maximum yield through intensive cultivation practices.


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The Minerva CCH 09 BG II Cotton Seeds represent a cutting-edge agricultural solution that seamlessly blends innovation with traditional cultivation practices. Specially curated for discerning farmers, these high-quality cotton seeds are engineered to elevate crop yields and ensure robust, sustainable agricultural outcomes.

Derived from a meticulous breeding process, the Minerva CCH 09 BG II variety boasts superior traits that make it stand out in the market. Characterized by its adaptability to diverse agro-climatic conditions, these seeds empower farmers to optimize their cotton cultivation irrespective of geographical nuances.

These cotton seeds feature the coveted Bollgard II technology, a groundbreaking advancement in genetic modification. This technology endows the plants with enhanced resistance against key pests, minimizing the need for excessive pesticide application and thereby promoting eco-friendly farming practices. The result is not only a reduction in production costs but also a more resilient crop that can withstand various environmental challenges.

Furthermore, the Minerva CCH 09 BG II Cotton Seeds showcase exceptional fiber quality, ensuring the production of high-grade cotton. This, in turn, enhances the economic value for farmers by providing access to premium markets that demand superior textile raw materials.

The seeds are carefully packaged to preserve their genetic integrity, and comprehensive guidelines accompany each batch to facilitate optimal planting practices. As a testament to their commitment to sustainable agriculture, Minerva ensures that their seeds adhere to rigorous quality control measures, contributing to the overall well-being of the farming community and the environment.

In summary, the Minerva CCH 09 BG II Cotton Seeds epitomize a harmonious convergence of scientific innovation and agricultural tradition, promising farmers a reliable and efficient means to enhance their cotton cultivation while promoting sustainability in the ever-evolving landscape of modern agriculture.

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