Cotton Seeds SP 7679 BG II MEGHNADH BG II


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Introducing Cotton Seeds SP 7679 BG II MEGHNADH BG II – Your Gateway to Bountiful Cotton Harvests!

🌱 **Regional Adaptability:**
Cultivate success across Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Gujarat with the versatile Cotton Seeds SP 7679 BG II MEGHNADH BG II. This premium seed is meticulously crafted to thrive in diverse regional conditions.

🌾 **Maturity:**
Experience the joy of a fruitful harvest in just 165-175 days. This hybrid cotton seed is designed for efficiency and productivity, ensuring you reap the rewards of your hard work at the earliest.

📏 **Package of Practice:**
– **Seed Rate:** Achieve optimal results with a recommended rate of 700-900 gm per acre.
– **Sowing Window (Irrigated):** Plant with precision from the 2nd fortnight of May to the first week of June.
– **Spacing (Irrigated & High Input):** Tailor your cultivation to specific conditions with spacing options of 120×90 cm or 120×60 cm.
– **Spacing (Rainfed & Light Soils):** Adapt to varying terrains using a spacing of 90×60 cm.

🌟 **Advantages:**
– **Excellent Crop Appeal:** Elevate your cotton fields with the aesthetic appeal of a thriving crop.
– **Big Boll Size (5.7 – 6.0 gm):** Witness impressive yields with larger bolls, a testament to the superior genetics of SP 7679 BG II MEGHNADH BG II.
– **Tall, Open, Semi-Erect Plant Type:** Maximize sunlight exposure and air circulation for optimal growth.
– **Good Tolerance to Foliar Diseases:** Protect your investment with robust disease resistance.
– **Moderate Tolerance to Sucking Pests:** Safeguard your harvest against common pests, ensuring a healthy crop.
– **Good Stay Greenness:** Maintain a lush green appearance throughout the growing season.

💧 **Suitable for Various Conditions:**
SP 7679 BG II MEGHNADH BG II adapts seamlessly to full and partial irrigation, as well as rainfed conditions prevalent in the Central and South zones. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of agricultural practices.


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