Godrej Rashinban – insecticide

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Godrej Rashinban is a popular insecticide used in agriculture. It’s formulated to control a wide range of pests and insects that typically affect crops. While I don’t have the most current specifics, the general properties and usage guidelines might still be helpful.

– **Pest Control:** It’s effective against a variety of pests like aphids, thrips, mites, and caterpillars commonly found in crops.
– **Crop Protection:** It aids in safeguarding plants, especially in the case of chili plants, from infestations that could potentially damage yield.

**Chemical Composition:**
The specific chemical composition of Godrej Rashinban typically includes active ingredients that target the nervous system of insects. Commonly, it might contain pyrethroids or neonicotinoids as active compounds, but the exact formulation could vary.

The product is usually available in various packaging sizes, such as bottles or containers of different volumes, ranging from smaller quantities suitable for home gardens to larger volumes for agricultural purposes.

**Spray Guide:**
– **Preparation:** Dilute the product in water as per the recommended ratio mentioned on the packaging.
– **Application:** Use a sprayer to evenly distribute the solution on both sides of the leaves. Apply in the cooler parts of the day to prevent leaf damage.
– **Safety Measures:** Wear protective clothing and follow the safety guidelines outlined on the product label.

**Dosage per Acre for Chilli:**
The dosage usually depends on the severity of the infestation and the growth stage of the crop. It’s crucial to follow the recommended dosage provided in the product instructions or consult with agricultural experts for precise guidance.


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