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Tinda cultivation and its management

Best Sowing Time:Monsoon & best grown in summer. Soil & Temprature: Sandy loam soils rich in organic matter with good drainage and pH ranging from 6.5-7.5 is best suited for Tinda cultivation. This crop requires a moderate warm temperature. Optimal soil temperature: 10-40°C (40-85°F). Seeds should germinate in 7-15 days. Steps for Seed Sowing Method:Take […]

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Brinjal fertigation and spray

Brinjal , pest management and plant development chart by day’s.          Brinjal sapling plantaion 2.FERTIGATION & SPRAYS :- days fertiliser Remarks 5-10 Of saplings planting 19-19-19 5kgs/acre practice for 25kgs /acr giving gap of 4days 5-10 Of saplings planting Humic acid 500ml/acr Practice 2lts In the gap of 19-19-19   At the stage of leafe

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