Brinjal disease and pest management

Shoot and fruit borer: Leucinodes orbonalis Symptoms of damage: Withering of terminal shoots/dead hearts Bore holes on shoots and fruits plugged with excreta Shedding of flower buds Withering and drying of leaves Identification of pest: Eggs:  Creamy white eggs Larva:  Pink in colour Pupa: Greyish boat shaped cocoon Adult: Medium sized moth. Forewings has black and brown patches and dots on white […]

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Disease Management in Brinjal

Damping Off (Pythium spp., Phytophthora spp., Rhizoctonia spp.) : The disease causes severe damage in the nursery. High soil, moisture and moderate temperature along with high humidity especially in the rainy season leads to the development of the disease. Two types of symptoms are observed- Pre-emergence damping-off: The pre-emergence damping off results in seed and seedling rot before

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