Sunflower seeds Ajeet 531 2kgs


 Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531, a high-performance hybrid designed to meet the needs of modern agriculture. With a balanced combination of maturity, yield potential, and disease tolerance, this hybrid is poised to elevate your sunflower cultivation to new heights.

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Key Features:


  1. Duration (Days): Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531 is a medium maturity hybrid with a growth cycle of 95-100 days, ensuring a well-timed and efficient harvest.


  1. Plant Height (cm): This hybrid exhibits robust growth, reaching a height of 180-190 cm, providing a strong and supportive structure for the sunflower heads.


  1. Head Diameter (cm): With a generous head diameter ranging from 22-25 cm, Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531 produces sunflowers that are visually striking and have substantial seed-bearing potential.


  1. Oil Content (%): Boasting an impressive oil content of 39.04%, this hybrid is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality oil extraction from sunflower seeds.


  1. Grain Yield (qtls/ha): Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531 delivers exceptional grain yield, with an estimated range of 16-18 quintals per hectare, ensuring a bountiful harvest.


  1. Disease Tolerance – Rust: This hybrid is specifically engineered to be tolerant to rust, a common sunflower disease. This feature enhances the plant’s resilience, promoting a healthy crop.


Silent Features:


  1. Medium Maturity: Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531 strikes a balance between early and late maturity, making it suitable for a wide range of growing conditions.


  1. Excellent Yield Potential: With a focus on productivity, this hybrid is designed to maximize yield potential, providing farmers with a reliable and efficient sunflower cultivation solution.


  1. Good Central Seed Filling: The hybrid produces sunflowers with a well-developed central seed filling, contributing to the overall quality of the seeds.


  1. High Volume Weight: Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531 is characterized by high volume weight, indicating dense and heavy seeds. This feature is crucial for both commercial and oil extraction purposes.


Cultivate success with Ajeet Sunflower Seeds 531, the hybrid that combines medium maturity, outstanding yield potential, and disease tolerance. Elevate your sunflower farming experience and achieve a harvest that exceeds expectations.

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    Sunflower seeds Ajeet 531 2kgs