Mortel 5%Sc


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brand -parijat insecticides india ltd

molecule-fipronil 5%

reccomandation-Crop Pest Formulation (gm/ml) / ha Dilution in Water (Litre) / ha

Crop Pest Formulation (gm/ml) / ha Dilution in Water (Litre) / ha
Rice (Paddy) Stem Borer
Brown Plant Hopper
Green Leaf Hopper
Rice Leaf Hopper
Rice Gall Midge
Whorl Maggot
White Backed Plant Hopper 1000-1500 500
Cabbage Diamond Back Moth 800-1000 500
Chilli Thrips
Fruit Borers 800-1000 500
Sugarcane Early Shoot Borer & Root Borer 1500-2000 500
Cotton Aphid
White Fly
Bollworms 1500-2000 500


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”

It is composed of Fipronil 5%

It is compatible with chemical fertilizer

It has quick and long duration control

It enhances the root growth and yield along with controlling the pests.

Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm
quantity in ltr

250 ml, 500ml



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