Chilli seeds BASF nunhems US 1081 10gms

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BASF Nunhems offers a chili variety called US 1081 that stands out for its versatile qualities, catering to farmers looking for a reliable and highyielding chili crop. These seeds produce chilies with unique characteristics that make them suitable for a variety of applications, from fresh green chilies to fully ripened red ones.

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Long Size with Medium Thickness: The chilies grown from US 1081 seeds are long and have a moderate thickness, making them ideal for a range of culinary uses.


Light Green Fruits with Medium Pungency: In their fresh state, the chilies exhibit a light green color, making them visually appealing. They have a medium level of pungency, which is suitable for consumers who enjoy a moderate spice level.


Suitable for Both Green and Red Fruits: This variety is versatile, as it can be harvested and used both as fresh green chilies and when fully ripened into red chilies, providing flexibility for different market demands.


Moderate Earliness: The US 1081 variety offers moderate earliness, allowing for a balanced growing period that suits various climatic conditions.


Plant Type: Semierect, making the plants manageable and easier to maintain, with an efficient use of space in the field.


Dry Fruit Quality: The dry fruit quality is good, ensuring that the chilies retain their desirable attributes when dried, which is important for storage and processing.


Fruit Pungency: High, appealing to consumers who prefer a spicier chili.


Yield: High, maximizing productivity and ensuring a profitable harvest for farmers.


Size (Length x Diameter): The chilies are approximately 1517 cm in length and 1.3 to 1.4 cm in diameter, providing an ideal size for various culinary and processing applications.


Overall, BASF Nunhems US 1081 chili seeds offer a reliable and highquality option for farmers seeking a versatile and productive chili variety. With good dry fruit quality and high yield, these seeds can be a valuable addition to any farming operation.

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    us 1081 chilli seedsChilli seeds BASF nunhems US 1081 10gms
    Original price was: ₹899.00.Current price is: ₹780.00.