HYBRID COTTON seeds – YRCH-18 Bt. MAULI – mouli BG II

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Tall, Semi Spreading Indeterminate growth habit
Medium boll, Weight 4.5 -5 gm
Good bearing & boll retention capacity
No. of Monopodia 1-2 & Sympodia 18-19 per plant
Mid-late Hybrid
Suitable for monsoon Irrigated & Rainfed land Cultivation
Medium staple length (28-29 cm)
Highly yield potential Hybrid
Tolerant to sucking pest & leaf Reddening.
Maturity days

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Cotton seeds Yashoda Mauli BG 2, featuring the HYBRID COTTON – YRCH-18 Bt. MAULI, present an exceptional choice for cotton cultivation with a myriad of desirable characteristics. This hybrid variety boasts a tall and semi-spreading indeterminate growth habit, providing an optimal structure for efficient crop development.

The cotton plants exhibit a medium boll size, with each boll weighing between 4.5 to 5 grams. This moderate boll size, coupled with good bearing and boll retention capacity, contributes to a robust yield potential. The plant architecture is characterized by 1-2 monopodia and 18-19 sympodia per plant, further enhancing the overall productivity.

With a mid-late hybrid maturity period ranging from 170 to 180 days, the Yashoda Mauli BG 2 cotton seeds are well-suited for both monsoon irrigated and rainfed land cultivation. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various agro-climatic conditions, ensuring consistent performance across different environments.

The staple length of these cotton seeds is measured at a medium range of 28-29 cm, making it suitable for various textile applications. Additionally, Yashoda Mauli BG 2 exhibits high-yield potential, promising farmers a substantial harvest.

Noteworthy is the hybrid’s tolerance to sucking pests and resistance to leaf reddening, reinforcing its resilience against common challenges in cotton cultivation. This feature contributes to a more sustainable and reliable crop production.

In summary, Yashoda Mauli BG 2 with the HYBRID COTTON – YRCH-18 Bt. MAULI offers an impressive combination of growth habits, boll characteristics, adaptability, and resistance, making it an excellent choice for farmers seeking a high-performing and resilient cotton hybrid for cultivation.


Introducing Yashoda Mauli BG 2, a revolutionary Hybrid Cotton variety enriched with the advanced YRCH-18 Bt technology, meticulously bred for exceptional performance in diverse agricultural landscapes. With its tall, semi-spreading indeterminate growth habit, this hybrid cotton boasts a medium boll size weighing 4.5-5 grams, showcasing remarkable bearing and boll retention capabilities.

Characterized by a well-balanced structure, Yashoda Mauli BG 2 features 1-2 Monopodia and 18-19 Sympodia per plant, ensuring a robust and productive growth pattern. This mid-late hybrid matures in 170-180 days, making it an ideal choice for both monsoon irrigated and rainfed land cultivation.

Yashoda Mauli BG 2 is equipped with medium staple length (28-29 cm), making it well-suited for various applications. Its high yield potential, coupled with tolerance to sucking pests and leaf reddening, sets it apart as a resilient and reliable choice for cotton farmers.

For those seeking to harness the benefits of Yashoda Mauli BG 2, Cotton seeds for sale are now available. Embrace the convenience of modern agriculture by choosing to buy cotton seeds online from a trusted source offering organic, non-GMO, and heirloom cotton seeds. Our collection includes high-quality cotton seeds, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of farmers.

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As your trusted cottonseed distributor, we are committed to providing the best in class seeds for your farm. Invest in the success of your cotton cultivation with our carefully selected and certified cotton seeds. Choose the path of sustainability and excellence in agriculture with Yashoda Mauli BG 2 and experience the difference of premium cotton seeds.

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10 reviews for HYBRID COTTON seeds – YRCH-18 Bt. MAULI – mouli BG II

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    Very good product

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