Godrej Double – 250ml Homobrassinolide 0.04%w/w minimum

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Active ingredient – Homobrassinolide.

**Product Name:** Godrej Double

**Active Ingredient:** Homobrassinolide 0.04%w/w minimum

**Manufacturer:** Godrej Agro Chemicals

### Uses:
– **Promotion of Plant Growth:** Homobrassinolide is a plant growth regulator that is known to promote cell elongation, stimulate cell division, and enhance overall plant growth.
– **Stress Tolerance:** It may help plants cope with environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and temperature extremes.
– **Improved Yield:** Application of plant growth regulators like Homobrassinolide can result in increased crop yield.

### Dosage per Acre:
The recommended dosage of Godrej Double per acre may vary depending on the crop and growth stage. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local agricultural extension recommendations. Dosage is typically expressed in terms of volume or weight of the product per acre.

### Dosage per Crop (Sample Table):

| Crop | Dosage (Liters/Kg) | Application Timing | Notes |
| Rice | 200 liters/acre | Early vegetative stage | Apply during active growth stages. |
| Wheat | 200lit /acre | Tillering stage | Ensure even coverage on foliage. |
| Cotton | 200 liters/acre | Pre-flowering stage | Adjust dosage based on plant size. |
| Maize | 200lii /acre | V5-V8 growth stages | Consider splitting dosage if needed. |

Direction of use – Mix 100ml Double in 200lit of water to spray on one acre crop during branching , flowering & fruit set.


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Godrej Double  is a plant hormone that belongs to the brassinosteroid group. Brassinosteroids are a class of steroid hormones that play crucial roles in various physiological processes in plants, including growth, development, and stress response. Godrej Double , specifically, is a synthetic derivative of brassinolide.


Here are some key uses and applications of Godrej Double  in agriculture and plant science:


  1. **Promotion of Plant Growth:**

– Godrej Double  is known for promoting cell elongation and division, leading to enhanced overall plant growth.

– It stimulates the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, contributing to increased biomass production.


  1. **Enhancement of Seed Germination:**

– Application of Godrej Double  has been shown to improve seed germination rates and seedling establishment.


  1. **Stress Tolerance:**

– Godrej Double  helps plants cope with various environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures.

– It can enhance the plant’s ability to withstand stress conditions by activating stress-responsive genes and antioxidant systems.


  1. **Regulation of Flowering:**

– Brassinosteroids, including Godrej Double , play a role in regulating flowering time and the development of reproductive structures.


  1. **Fruit and Crop Yield Improvement:**

– Application of Godrej Double  has been reported to increase fruit setting and yield in various crops.

– It can improve the quality of fruits by influencing parameters such as size, color, and nutritional content.


  1. **Protection Against Pathogens:**

– Godrej Double  has been shown to enhance a plant’s resistance to certain pathogens by activating defense mechanisms.


  1. **Crop Protection and Stress Management:**

– By promoting overall plant health and stress tolerance, Godrej Double  can be used as part of an integrated approach to crop protection and stress management.


  1. **Foliar Spray and Soil Application:**

– Godrej Double  is often applied through foliar sprays or soil application, making it convenient for use in various agricultural settings.



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