GREENFERT – Magnesium sulphate


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It helps in faster growth of plant due to balanced nutrient diet.
Magnesium is beneficieal to avoid or retain the deficiency of magnesium in plants.
It helps crop to increase resistence power against pests.
Encourages vegetative growth and giver more flowera and fruits.
It increases yield by improving photosynthetic activity.

It is one of the fertilizer which is mainly used for plant growth and root development.

The Ca that is present helps to strengthen cell walls and the N that is present is preferred by fruits and vegetables.

It facilitates the uptake of potash over sodium.

It also corrects plant deficiencies and increases pH.

It is mianly used in Tomato, okra, brinjal, chilly, beans, pomegranate, grapes, citrus, mango, cashew, grams, peas, beans, paddy, wheat, soya, cotton, sunflower etc.


It is vital for chlorophyll.

It is a water soluble fertilizer which contains Magnesium of 9.6 %

It is an important constituent of chlorophyll

Mainly used in brinjal, okra, tomato, grapes, citrus, mangoes,cashew, grams, peas, beans, paddy, wheat, soya, cotton sunflower etc.

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

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    GREENFERT – Magnesium sulphate