Damman 44 – control of bollworms , catterpillar and insectecs daman 44


**Emamectin Benzoate 1.9% E.C:**  Emamectin  1.9

1. **Dosage per Liter:**
The recommended dosage can vary depending on the crop, pest type, and local regulations. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations on the product label. 1-2ml/lt of water

2. **Uses:**
Emamectin benzoate is widely used as an insecticide to control various pests in agriculture. It is effective against a range of insects, including lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars). This pesticide is often applied to crops such as vegetables, fruits, and field crops.

3. **Mode of Working:**
Emamectin benzoate belongs to the avermectin group of pesticides. It acts as a neurotoxin affecting the nervous system of insects. The pesticide binds to specific receptors in the insect’s nerve cells, leading to paralysis and eventual death. It has translaminar activity, meaning it can penetrate the leaves, providing effective control of pests feeding on both sides of the foliage.

4. **Target Pests:**
Common target pests for Emamectin benzoate include various lepidopteran larvae, such as caterpillars. It is effective against pests like diamondback moths, loopers, armyworms, and other caterpillar species that can damage crops.

Always follow proper safety precautions, wear protective clothing, and adhere to recommended application practices when using pesticides. Additionally, stay updated on local regulations and consult with agricultural extension services for specific recommendations in your region.

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17 reviews for Damman 44 – control of bollworms , catterpillar and insectecs daman 44

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