Cotton Seeds JK JKCH 0034 BGII

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Product Name: Cotton Seeds JK JKCH 0034 BGII


Category: Cotton


Key Features:


  1. Medium Duration:

– Well-suited for a variety of growing conditions, allowing for flexibility in planting schedules.


  1. Tall, Semi-Open Plant Type:

– Exhibits a robust growth habit with a semi-open structure, promoting good aeration and sunlight penetration for optimal photosynthesis.


  1. Big Bolls Size with More Kapas Weight:

– Yields large-sized bolls, contributing to higher kapas weight and increased cotton production.


  1. Excellent Boll Bursting and Easy Picking:

– Facilitates efficient harvesting with a combination of excellent boll bursting characteristics and ease of picking, saving time and effort during the harvest season.


  1. Responsive to Management Hybrid:

– Adaptable to various management practices, allowing for customization to specific agricultural practices and environmental conditions for enhanced performance.


  1. Stay Green with Good Boll Retention:

– Maintains a healthy green appearance throughout the growing season, coupled with good boll retention, ensuring a prolonged period for cotton development and maturation.


  1. Tolerant to Sucking Pest and Disease (ALB, BLB):

– Exhibits resilience against sucking pests, providing built-in protection against potential yield losses.

– Tolerance to key diseases such as Alternaria Leaf Blight (ALB) and Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) enhances overall plant health and productivity.


General Information:

Cotton Seeds JK JKCH 0034 BGII belong to the medium duration category, making them a versatile choice for diverse agricultural landscapes. The tall, semi-open plant structure promotes optimal growth conditions, contributing to improved yields.


This hybrid variety is characterized by its large bolls, ensuring a higher kapas weight and maximizing cotton output. The combination of excellent boll bursting and easy picking facilitates a smooth and efficient harvesting process.


The responsiveness to management practices allows farmers to tailor their approach to local conditions, maximizing the hybrid’s potential. Additionally, the variety maintains a vibrant green appearance throughout the growing season, with good boll retention, indicating a robust and healthy plant.


Cotton Seeds JK JKCH 0034 BGII exhibit tolerance to sucking pests, offering a natural defense mechanism against potential threats. Moreover, the hybrid demonstrates resilience to key diseases such as Alternaria Leaf Blight (ALB) and Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB), enhancing overall plant health and safeguarding yields.


Choose Cotton Seeds JK JKCH 0034 BGII for a reliable and high-performing cotton hybrid that meets the demands of modern agriculture.

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 20 × 21 × 3 cm

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