Corteva Delegate – Spinetoram 11.7% SC Insecticide (For control of Thrips)

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It is composed by Spinetorum 11.7% EC

It has long lasting and broad spectrum control of insect pests in crops.

It controls thrips and Lepidopteran pests in cotton, chilli, soyabean and corn.

It penetrates leaves to provide control for thrips and leaf miners.

Spinetoram 11.7% SC Insecticide

Target Pest Application Rate Grams of Product Per Hectare Application Timing
Codling Moth Oriental Fruit Moth 420 For the control of each generation, apply at first egg hatch based on pheromone trap catches and degree days after biofix dates. These pests must be controlled before the larvae penetrate the fruit so early timing is critical. Repeat at 14 day intervals to maintain control depending on pest pressure.
Obliquebanded & Threelined (Pandemis) leafrollers 210-420 For the control of the over wintering (spring) generation, apply when larvae have emerged and are actively feeding but before they roll up in the leaves. Under high insect pressure, an application timed to target the overwintering generation is recommended to reduce summer populations. For control of the summer generation, apply at first egg hatch as determined by monitoring adult moth flights. Repeat in 14 days if monitoring of populations indicates a second application is required. Use the higher rate under high pest pressure and/or larger larvae.
Spotted & Western Tentiform Leafminers 210-420 Apply at egg hatch as determined by monitoring or at the first sign of sap-feeding on the leaves to control leafminers. Use the higher rate under high pest pressure.
Apple Maggot 420 For the suppression of this pest, apply 7-10 days after the first apple maggot fly is caught on yellow scented sticky boards near or in the orchard. Repeat in 14 days if populations warrant.
Plum Curculio 420 For the suppression of this pest, monitor trees along the edge of the orchard or adjacent wild trees for the first sign of feeding damage after bloom. Repeat in 14 days if populations warrant


“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”


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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 10 cm
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100 ml, 180ml, 20ml


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