corteva Lumivia chlorantraniliprole 50% w/w FS insecticide seed treatment


Lumivia: Unmatched Corn Seedling Protection

Experience exceptional and enduring corn seedling protection with Lumivia. Boasting a unique mode of action, Lumivia swiftly safeguards corn seeds and seedlings up to the 45 leaf stage, ensuring robust defense against earlyseason, belowground insect pests. From wireworms and white grubs to cutworms and seedcorn maggots, Lumivia’s efficacy surpasses expectations.

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Efficiency Comparison on Corn Pests

Lumivia sets the benchmark for efficacy in the realm of corn pest control. Through meticulous research and innovation, it stands as a superior solution, outperforming conventional treatments. Its prowess extends beyond the soil, shielding the crop against foliagefeeding pests like cutworms, providing a comprehensive defense mechanism for your corn crop.


Key Features:

Rapid Protection: Lumivia acts swiftly, providing a formidable shield for corn seeds and seedlings.

BelowGround Defense: Effectively targets earlyseason, belowground insect pests, including wireworm, white grub, cutworm, and seedcorn maggot.

Foliage Protection: Extends protection to the 45 leaf stage, safeguarding against pests that feed on foliage, such as cutworms.

LongLasting Efficacy: Lumivia ensures enduring protection, contributing to a healthy and uniform crop stand.


Incorporate Lumivia into your corn seed treatment regimen for unparalleled protection and a thriving corn crop from germination to maturity.

Lumivia stands as a formidable shield against early-season insect pests, encompassing wireworms, white grubs, cutworms, armyworms, and seedcorn maggot, including European chafer. This advanced seed treatment ensures comprehensive protection against foliage-feeding pests such as cutworms, fostering a healthy, uniform crop stand. Lumivia empowers growers to achieve optimal yields, resulting in a bountiful harvest at season’s end.

**Application Method:**
Applied as a seed treatment, Lumivia is strategically administered prior to planting. It is essential to note that this product lacks a colorant, necessitating the addition of an appropriate colorant during application. Strict adherence to Seeds Act regulations is imperative, and treated seeds must be conspicuously colored during the treatment process.

**Additional Information:**
Lumivia caters specifically to corn seed treatment within the domain of commercial seed treatment facilities and mobile treaters. It integrates seamlessly with closed transfer systems, encompassing closed mixing, loading, calibrating, and treatment equipment exclusively. Lumivia strictly prohibits any open transfer, ensuring the utmost safety and efficacy in pest management during the seed treatment process.



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    corteva Lumivia chlorantraniliprole 50% w/w FS insecticide seed treatment