Avena sativa, Poaceae

Oat is a minor cereal crop that can be used for consumption as well as a fodder crop. Cultivation of Oat is mainly done during Rabi season like wheat crop. It is mainly grown in Temperate and Subtropical climates. It can also thrive well in high-altitude tropics. Oat meal is very famous food as it is rich in proteins and fiber. They also help in weight loss, controlling blood pressure and for building strong immune system hence it is used as a dietary food.

Varieties and hybrids

OL 9, OL 10, OL 11, Algerian, Kent, Weston 11, HFO-114

Climate and soil

It requires cool climate for its better growth. 20-30 degrees of temperature and rainfall of 80-100mm is ideal for its cultivation. It can be cultivated in all kinds of soils Well drained loamy soil rich in organic matter is most suitable for its cultivation. It requires pH range of 5 – 6.6

Land Preparation

Land should be ploughed thoroughly to get weed free field. Ploughing should be done 6-8 times to gain higher yields. Oat crop can tolerate higher pH levels than barley and wheat.


Propagation in mainly done through seeds.

Time of sowing and seed rate

Sowing can be taken from second week of October to last week of October. Seed rate of 25 kg is required for one acre land.

Spacing and soil depth

Spacing of 25-30 cm should be kept between rows. Depth should be 3-4 cm. Sowing is done through drilling method by using zero tillage drill

Seed treatment

Seed should be treated with Captan or Thiram @3 gm/kg of seeds to protect seeds from various fungal and pathogenic diseases.

Manures and fertilizers

FYM should be added at the time of land preparation. Apply Urea @ 66 kg/ac and SSP @ 50 kg/ac. Apply half dose of nitrogen and full dose of Phosphorus at the time of sowing. Apply remaining amount of Nitrogen, 30-40 days after sowing.

Weed Management

Weed management is not necessary in case if plants become successful to make a good crop stand. Weeds are less likely to occur in oats. 1-2 hoeing can be given as intercultural operations.


Oats are mainly cultivated as rain-fed crop. But if they are grown as irrigated crop, two irrigations should be given at 25-28 days interval from sowing.


Oats are ready to harvest after 4-5 months of sowing. 50% of the oats can be harvested after 75-85 days after sowing. To avoid grain shedding, Crop should be harvested in early April month.


We can obtain upto yield of around 550 quintals/ha

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