Jasmine is one of the most important traditional flowers of India. Jasmine flowers buds are used for making garland, bouquets, string, veni and jadai for grand hair dressing of women on special occasions. Extraction of essential oil from jasmine for preparing perfume, hair oils and attar.

Jasmines are distributed in tropical and subtropical countries of the world and grown commercially in India, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines for its fresh flowers. The genus Jasminum contains more than 200 species and is mostly tropical in distribution. The flowers are highly fragrant and used for religious offerings in temples and highly preferred by ladies for adorning their hair. They are also used for extraction of essential oil which is used in the preparation of perfumes and scented water. The extract of jasmine flower, called concrete is highly valuable for perfume, confectionaries, cosmetics and toiletry industries.


It requires mild winter, warm summer, moderate rainfall and sunny days. Jasmines grow well upto 1200 m altitude. A well-distributed annual rainfall of 800 to 1000 mm is optimum for growth and development.

It requires well drained loamy or red loamy fertile soil.

Main field preparation

Ploughing with chisel, disc, rotovator and cultivator and levelling with tractor drawn leveller. Pits of 45cm3 size are dug. Jasmine is propagated by Semi hard wood cuttings (15 – 20 cm long).


Layers or rooted cuttings are planted in pits 30 x 30 x 30 cm with a spacing of 1.25 m either way to accommodate 6400 plants per ha during June to November

Apply FYM @ 20 kg/pit before planting. 60:120:120 g/plant/year of NPK is required.

During June-July apply NPK in recommended dosage. Later again in November as a second dose.

The bushes are pruned to 50 cm height from the ground level during last week of November.


Flowering starts from March – April. Fully developed unopened flower buds should be picked in the morning hours. For concrete extraction, fully opened flowers are harvested.


We can obtain 8 – 9 t/ha of flowers

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