Diseases in Cotton

Diseases of Cotton (Gossypium spp.)


Bacterial Blight or Angular Leaf Spot (caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum). Crown Gall (caused by Agrobacterium tumefaciens). Lint Degradation or Frost Mold (caused by Pseudomonas syringae, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Erwinia herbicola or Pantoea agglomerans)


Anthracnose (caused by Glomerella gossypii or Colletotrichum gossypii). Ascochyta Blight or Wet Weather Blight (caused by Ascochyta gossypii). Black Root Rot or Thielaviopsis (caused by Thielaviopsis basicola or Chalara elegans). Boll Rot (caused by Ascochyta gossypii, Colletotrichum gossypii–sometimes referred to as witched broom, Glomerella gossypii, Fusarium spp., Lasiodiplodia theobromae, Diplodia gossypina, Botryosphaeria rhodina, Physalospora rhodina, Phytophthora spp., Phytopthora capsici and/or Rhizoctonia solani)

Bronze Wilt or Copper Top. Charcoal Rot (caused by Macrophomina phaseolina, Colletotrichum gossypii and/or Glomerella gossypii) . Cotton Boll Rot (caused by Fusarium moniliforme). Fusarium wilt (caused by Fusarium oxysporum and/or Fusarium vasinfectum). Leaf Spot (caused by Alternaria macrospora, Alternaria alternata, Cercospora gossypina, Mycosphaerella gossypina, Cochliobolus spicifer, Bipolaris spicifera, Curvularia spicifera, Myrothecium roridum, Rhizoctonia solani and/or Stemphylium solani). Alternaria Leaf Spot (Alternaria macrospora or Alternaria alternata). Phomopsis Leaf Spot (Phomopsis spp.). Rhizoctonia Leaf Spot (Rhizoctonia solani). Lint Contamination (caused by Aspergillus flavus, Nematospora spp. and/or Nigrospora oryzae)


Areolate Mildew (caused by Mycosphaerella areola). Grey Mildew (caused by Ramularia areola). Powdery Mildew (caused by Leveillula taurica, Oidiopsis sicula, Oidiopsis gossypii and/or Salmonia malachrae)

Root Rot

Charcoal Rot (caused by Macrophomina phaseolina). Phymatotrichum Root Rot (caused by Phymatotrichum omnivorum). Sclerotium Stem and Root Rot or Southern Blight (caused by Sclerotium rolfsii or Athelia rolfsii). Texas Cotton Root Rot (caused by Phymatotrichopsis omnivora)


Cotton Rust (caused by Puccinia schedonnardi). Southwestern Cotton Rust (caused by Puccinia cacabata). Tropical Cotton Rust (caused by Phakopsora gossypii). Seedling Disease Complex (Ascochyta Blight (caused by Ascochyta gossypii) . Black Root Rot (caused by Chalara elegans). Anthracnose (caused by Colletotrichum gossypii) Southworth Fusarium Wilt (caused by Fusarium oxysporum). Pink Boll Rot or Seedling Blight (caused by Glomerella cingulata)

(caused by Pythium aphanidermatum)
(caused by Pythium debaryanum)
(caused by Pythium heterothallicum)
(caused by Pythium irregulare)
(caused by Pythium polytylum)
(caused by Pythium splendens)
(caused by Pythium sylvaticum)
(caused by Pythium ultimum)
Rhizoctonia (caused by Rhizoctonia solani)
Sheath Blight (caused by Thanatephorus cucumeris)
Thielaviopsis (caused by Thielaviopsis basicola)
Stem Canker (caused by Phoma exigua)
Verticillium Wilt (caused by Verticillium dahliae)


Lance, Columbia nematode (Hoplolaimus columbus)
Reniform nematode (Rotylenchulus reniformis)
Root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)
Sting nematode (Belonolaimus longicaudatus)

VIRAL DISEASES and Graft Transmissible Pathogens [GTP]

Abutilon Mosaic or Malvaceous Chlorosis Virus (transmitted possibly by whitefly Bemisia tabaci). Anthocyanosis (transmitted possibly by cotton aphid Aphis gossypii). Blue Disease (transmitted possibly by cotton aphid Aphis gossypii)
Leaf Crumple or Leaf Curl (transmitted possibly by whitefly Bemisia tabaci)
Leaf Mottle (suspect virus (etiology unknown). Mosaic (suspect virus (etiology unknown). Terminal Stunt or Bunchy Top (suspect virus (GTP; Cicadellidae associated)


Phyllody (suspect phytoplasma)
Small leaf (suspect phytoplasma)

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