Beta vulgaris, Amaranthaceae

Beetroot is one of the most important root vegetable which is also known as “garden beet”. It is sweet in taste and is very good for health as it is having antioxidant properties. Beetroot is the second largest sugar crop in th world after Sugarcane. It is a short duration crop which can be harvested in 6-7 months. It has medicinal values and hence used to cure cancer and heart diseases

Varieties and hybrids

Moneta, Sweet heart, Sangria, Crimson globe, Detroit dark red, Red ace etc.

Climate and soil

It requires temperature of 18-21 degrees and Sandy loam soil successful cultivation. It can be grown in well-drained loamy, sand to clayey soil and alkali soils. It requires pH of 6-7

Land Preparation

Land should be ploughed first followed by 3-4 harrowing to get fine tilth. For good seed production, land should be well prepared and contains appropriate moisture.  


The optimum time for sowing beetroot is October to mid-November. 

Soil depth and spacing

Use line spacing of 45-50cm for sowing and the plant to plant distance must be 15-20cm. Sow the seed at depth of 2.5cm.

Seed rate

Use 40,000 plants for planting in one acre land. Use only one plant for per hill. 

Seed treatment

Treat the seeds with Carbendazim 50WP or Thiram @2gm/kg before sowing.

Manures and fertilizers

In the absence of FYM, application of nitrogen @ 60kg/acre in the form of urea @ 135kg/acre and phosphorus @ 12kg/acre in the form of SSP @ 75kg/acre. Application of urea @ 45kg/acre and full dose of phosphorus should be done at the time of sowing. Remaining urea is applied in two equal splits i.e. 30 and 60days after sowing. In the presence of FYM, the nitrogen dose should be 48kg/acre (i.e. urea@105kg/acre).In potassium deficient soils, application of potassium@12kg/acre (MOP@20kg/acre) should be done at the time of sowing. In boron deficient soils, application of boron @ 400gm  should be done at the time of sowing.  


After sowing immediate irrigation should be given and then subsequent irrigation is done after two weeks of sowing. After that irrigation is required at the interval of 3-4weeks upto end February and at the interval of 10-15days during March-April month. Stop irrigation 2weeks before harvesting.


Harvesting is done from mid-April to end-May. Harvesting is done with the help of potato digger or cultivator or by manual digging. Processing should be done within 48hours after harvesting. 


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