Caused by : Alternaria macrospora

It is one of the major bacterial diseases that can be seen in cotton crop. This disease become more severe in 45-60 days old plants. It occurs in all the stages of cotton crop


  • We can observe small brown irregular or round spots on the leaves.
  • Each spot is surrounded by concentric rings and has a lesion at the centre.
  • Few spots coalescen(merge) together and leads to blighted appearance.
  • The affected leaves become brittle and fall down
  • Lesions are also be seen on the stem.
  • In severe infestation, we can observe  spots on bracts and bolls too.
  • This leads to loss of yield


Use Prioxar @120ml/acre

Seed treatment using Streptocycline before sowing can control this disease

Spray COC or Mancozeb @ 2kg/ha

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