Zetol select for Cotton – vegetative and flowering formula water soluble fertiliser (15-13-12) 1kg

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Title: Zetol Select for Cotton: Unleashing the Power of Vegetative and Flowering Formula Water-Soluble Fertilizer NPK (15-13-12)


Cotton cultivation demands precision and care to ensure optimal growth and yield. In the realm of agricultural innovation, Zetol Select emerges as a groundbreaking water-soluble fertilizer designed specifically for cotton crops. With its carefully balanced NPK composition of 15-13-12, this vegetative and flowering formula aims to revolutionize cotton farming practices, promoting vigorous vegetative growth and robust flowering, ultimately leading to increased cotton production.

Composition and Nutrient Balance:

Zetol Select’s NPK formulation (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) of 15-13-12 reflects a meticulous blend of essential nutrients crucial for cotton plants at different stages of their growth cycle. Nitrogen (N) plays a pivotal role in promoting lush vegetative growth, ensuring the development of healthy leaves and stems. Phosphorus (P) supports root development and flowering, enhancing the overall reproductive capacity of the plant. Potassium (K) is instrumental in bolstering the cotton plant’s resistance to diseases and stress, particularly during crucial flowering stages.

Water Solubility and Absorption:

One of the key features of Zetol Select is its water-soluble nature, allowing for easy and efficient nutrient absorption by cotton plants. This ensures rapid assimilation of essential elements, promoting quicker and more uniform growth. The water solubility of Zetol Select also makes it an ideal choice for fertigation systems, enabling precise nutrient delivery directly to the root zone.

Vegetative Growth Enhancement:

During the vegetative phase, cotton plants require an abundance of nutrients to establish a robust framework of leaves and branches. Zetol Select’s formulation provides the necessary nutrients to support the plant’s vegetative growth, ensuring a healthy canopy that maximizes photosynthesis. This leads to increased biomass accumulation, setting the stage for a bountiful cotton harvest.

Flowering Formula for Maximum Yield:

As cotton plants transition to the flowering stage, the demand for specific nutrients intensifies. Zetol Select excels in meeting these demands by supplying an optimal combination of NPK (15-13-12), facilitating enhanced flower bud development. The balanced nutrient ratio supports the formation of more flowers, thereby increasing the potential for cotton boll formation and, subsequently, higher yields.

Benefits of Zetol Select:

1. **Increased Yield:** Zetol Select’s precise nutrient blend promotes optimal plant development, resulting in increased cotton yield per acre.

2. **Uniform Growth:** The water-soluble nature of the fertilizer ensures uniform nutrient distribution, preventing nutrient deficiencies and promoting consistent growth across the cotton field.

3. **Stress Resistance:** The inclusion of potassium enhances the cotton plant’s ability to withstand environmental stressors, contributing to overall crop resilience.

4. **Fertigation Compatibility:** Zetol Select seamlessly integrates into fertigation systems, offering farmers a convenient and efficient means of nutrient application.


Zetol Select for Cotton stands as a testament to agricultural innovation, offering a tailored solution to the unique nutrient requirements of cotton crops. With its balanced NPK formulation (15-13-12), water solubility, and focus on both vegetative and flowering stages, Zetol Select presents a promising avenue for cotton farmers looking to optimize their yields and ensure the health and vitality of their crops. Embracing this advanced water-soluble fertilizer can pave the way for a new era in cotton cultivation, where precision meets productivity.

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    cotton vegetative and floweringZetol select for Cotton – vegetative and flowering formula water soluble fertiliser (15-13-12) 1kg
    Original price was: ₹545.00.Current price is: ₹505.00.