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Technical Name

Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl 9.3% EC

Product Detail

Pillar is a selective, post emergence herbicide of Aryloxy phenoxy propionates group and used for effective control of most of the narrow leaf weeds in Cotton, Soybean, Paddy and Blackgram crops.

Dose: 440 ml in 100-120 ltrs. of water per acre.


It is composed of Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl 9.3% EC.

It is a post emergent herbicide used to control most of the narrow weed species in crops like Wheat, Barley, Soyabean, black gram, onion etc.

It is absorbed by leaves and stems of the plant and is translocated systematically.

It inhibits the sysnthesis of fatty acids in the meristem tissue of grassy weeds.

It is available in the liquid form

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

Additional information

quantity in ltr

1ltr, 250 ml, 500ml


Bharat Insecticides Ltd

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