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Excellent Drought Tolerance.

Gives high Fodder yield.

Attractive Bold grains with pearly white colour.

Excellent flour quality for bread making.

Thick stem with long, broad and dark green leaves.

Panicles are long, well exerted and open type which

reduces pest and bird damage.

Special Feature: High yielding pearly white grains.

Brand – JK Seeds

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

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Product: Jowar Seeds (Variety: JKSH 22)


Brand: JK Seeds


Packaging: 3 kgs




  1. Excellent Drought Tolerance:

The JKSH 22 variety of Jowar seeds from JK Seeds is known for its outstanding ability to thrive in arid conditions, showcasing excellent drought tolerance. This makes it a resilient choice for cultivation in regions with water scarcity.


  1. High Fodder Yield:

Farmers can expect a significant yield of high-quality fodder from JKSH 22. This characteristic is essential for those looking to cultivate jowar for animal feed, ensuring a plentiful supply of nutritious forage.


  1. Attractive Bold Grains with Pearly White Color:

The seeds produced by JKSH 22 are not only visually appealing but also boast a bold and attractive appearance. The pearly white color of the grains enhances the overall visual appeal, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice for farmers.


  1. Excellent Flour Quality for Bread Making:

Beyond its use as fodder, JKSH 22 offers excellent flour quality, specifically suited for bread making. This characteristic makes it a versatile choice for those looking to utilize jowar in various culinary applications.


  1. Thick Stem with Long, Broad, and Dark Green Leaves:

The plant itself exhibits a robust structure with a thick stem. Long, broad, and dark green leaves contribute to the overall health and vigor of the plant, ensuring optimal photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.


  1. Long, Well-Exerted, and Open Type Panicles:

The panicles (flower clusters) of JKSH 22 are long, well-exerted, and of an open type. This particular trait reduces the susceptibility to pest and bird damage, ensuring a higher chance of successful cultivation.


Special Feature: High-Yielding Pearly White Grains:

One of the standout features of JKSH 22 is its capacity to produce high yields of pearly white grains. This special characteristic sets it apart, making it a preferred choice for farmers seeking quality and quantity in their jowar harvest.



All the information provided about JKSH 22 and its characteristics is based on trials and information from books. Farmers are advised to consider their specific growing conditions and conduct on-site trials for the best results.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm

JK Seeds

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