Geolife High Yield Package Kit


A comprehensive package containing various agricultural products formulated by Geolife to enhance crop yield and quality.

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Vigore – Superior Organic Yield Enhancer More Yield Per Field – 100GM

  • An exclusive product for increasing the agricultural productivity both in qualitative and quantitative aspect. It aims to replenish the global food scarcity by Increasing Crop Production in the available land.
  • It contains wide range of natural Minerals, Enzymes, Vitamins, Nutrients & Antioxidant in nano form.
  • Vigore is a concentrated product for complete plant development from root to the shoot, increases immunity & works efficiently in all crops.
  • It increase yield & quality to optimum level.
  • Visible difference can be seen at all stages of crop & also it is suitable for organic cultivation.

Dosage : Broadcast : 250gm/acre

Spray : 1.25gm/litre of water

Nano Vigore – Flower Booster-1GM

  • Nano Vigore is an unique nano technology product to induce profuse flowering..
  • It is absorbed rapidly by plants & gives faster results.
  • It helps the plant to reach reproductive stage at the correct time.
  • Helps to achieve male to female flower ratio of 1:8 for better yield
  • It can be applied on all crops where flowering plays a major role in its life cycle.
  • It can be applied along with all type of pesticides, fungicides and nutrients.

Contents- Amino L , Natural extract, Translocation agents.

Dosage :

Crop Stage Dosage Application
All Crops (Vegetables, Pulses, Cereals, Fruits, Floriculture) Flower initiation 1gm for 150- 200 liters of water/acre Foliar application at every 15 days interval.



Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer-10GM

  • Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer is an advance product that helps to increase fruit size, develope uniform color & taste.It enhances vegetative growth, fruit size, fertility & post harvest storage.
  • Vigore FSE improves the translocation system inside the plant during the fruit development stage.
  • Fruits attain good colour, taste and good shining in turn giving more profits to farmer.

Dosage : 10gm for 150-200 litres of water


  • An innovative product powered by nano technology with highest percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid which works very effectively on building disease resistance power.
  • These tabs supply essential silica in the form of Ortho Silicic Acid, readily available for the plant.
  • Tabsil is water soluble Ortho Silicic Acid which is easily absorbed by the plant.
  • Tabsil imparts resistance to diseases and insect.
  • Tabsil maintains soil pH balance.
  • Tabsil prevents lodging by strengthening the plant.
  • Tabsil interacts positively when applied with major & trace elements improving their agronomic performance and efficiency.
  • Tabsil also enhances the plants’ ability to resist or tolerate biotic stress such as attack of insect pests and fungal attacks.
  • Recommend to spray along with Insecticide/Fungicide to increase their performance.
  • Tabsil can help alleviate abiotic stresses due to acidity, salinity and toxicities.
  • Tabsil can help reduce water loss and transpiration

Dosage : For Paddy – 1kg/acre applied through broadcasting.In all other crops 200gm/200 litres of water in foliar application.Repeat the application for 3 to 5 times based on crop duration

Application Methods : Broadcast, Spray, Drip, Drenching.

Balance Nano-50GM

Flower Drop Arrester

  • Flower drop (known to some as “blossom drop”) is a relatively common problem faced by farmers growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, cereals & pulses.
  • Flowers drops off without forming fruits leading to loss in yield.
  • Balance Nano helps in prevention of flower dropping which is directly related to increase in yields.
  • Balance Nano is a unique combination of nutrients & special enzymes required for flower to provide complete nutrition during flowering stage.
  • It provides proper nutrition to the flowers during the flower of development and no reduces the premature flower dropping and flower abortion.

Application Method

Crop Stage Dosage Application
All Crops



  Flower & Fruit

Setting Stage

     50 gm/Acre    Foliar application

Natural Cab-50GM


Nano Technology High Calcium Boron

  • It is a new combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron in high percentage.
  • It is an advanced nano technology product to improve fruit quality.
  • It plays a major role during pollination, for pollen tube formation and promotes fertilization of flowers.
  • It prevents cracking and rotting of fruits.
  • It helps in development of new shoots and flowers
  • It plays a key role in cell wall formation.
  • It is compatible with most insecticides, pesticides & nutrients.

Dosage : 50gm for 150-200 litres water

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