FMC Petra – Fortified NP liquid fertilizer


 FMC Petra Bio Solution, an innovative agricultural product designed to optimize soil health and promote robust plant growth. Packed with essential nutrients and organic matter, this solution is a game-changer for enhancing the overall fertility of your soil.

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Key Features:

  1. Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC) Boost: Petra Bio Solution significantly increases the Cation-Exchange Capacity in the application zone, facilitating better nutrient availability to plant roots.
  1. Phosphorus Deficiency Correction: Addressing phosphorus deficiency in plants, this solution serves as a targeted remedy, ensuring optimal phosphorus levels for healthy growth and development.
  1. Phosphorus Efficiency Enhancement: Petra Bio Solution goes beyond merely overcoming deficiencies; it actively enhances the efficiency of applied phosphorus, maximizing its utilization by plants.
  1. Salinity Alleviation: The solution works to alleviate salts present in the soil solution, mitigating the adverse effects of soil salinity on plant health.
  1. pH Regulation: Petra Bio Solution plays a role in reducing the negative impacts of soil pH, creating a more favorable environment for plant growth.
  1. Microbial Activity Support: By providing a rich food source, this solution supports and stimulates microbial activity in the soil, fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits plant health.
  1. Nutrient Use Efficiency: Petra Bio Solution positively impacts Nutrient Use Efficiency, ensuring that applied nutrients are utilized optimally by plants, minimizing wastage.
  1. Root Mass Enhancement: With increased nutrient uptake, the solution contributes to the growth of a healthier and more extensive root system, promoting overall plant vitality.

Active Ingredients:

– Nitrogen (N): 7%

– Phosphorus (P): 21%

– Organic Matter

Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply Petra Bio Solution as per recommended rates for your specific crop or soil conditions.
  2. Incorporate the solution into the soil to ensure even distribution.
  3. Regular application, in accordance with the crop growth stages, will yield the best results.

FMC Petra Bio Solution is your go-to choice for sustainable and efficient soil management, ensuring that your plants receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth. Elevate your agricultural practices with this powerful blend of nutrients and organic matter, fostering a healthy and productive environment for your crops.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm

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