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Introducing CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds – Your Key to High-Yield Cotton Farming

Unlock the potential of your cotton farming with our premium CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds, carefully designed for optimal performance in diverse agro-climatic conditions. Tailored for cultivation in Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Central Rajasthan, these seeds boast a myriad of features that make them an ideal choice for cotton farmers.

**Regional Adaptability:**
CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds exhibit exceptional adaptability to the specific agro-climatic nuances of Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Central Rajasthan. This ensures that the seeds perform optimally in these regions, enhancing the overall productivity of your cotton farming venture.

**Maturity Period:**
These high-quality cotton seeds offer a maturity period of 150-160 days, making them suitable for both early and medium maturity. This flexibility enables farmers to cultivate a second crop efficiently, contributing to increased overall yield and profitability.

**Package of Practice:**
To maximize the potential of CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds, follow our recommended Package of Practice:
– Seed Rate: 1000-1200 grams per acre
– Sowing Window (Irrigated): Last week of May to June first week
– Sowing Window (Rainfed): June 15th to July first week
– Spacing (Irrigated & High Input Conditions): 120×45, 90×45 cm
– Spacing (Rainfed & Light Soils): 120×30, 90×30 cm

**Plant Characteristics:**
– Tall, Open, Erect Plant Type: CCH-03 BG II exhibits a robust plant structure, ensuring efficient sunlight exposure and optimal air circulation.
– Excellent Boll Retention: The plant is characterized by its ability to retain bolls effectively, ensuring a higher yield during harvest.
– Suitable for Closer Spacing: The seeds are adaptable to closer planting conditions, offering flexibility in crop management.

**Boll Characteristics:**
– Big Boll Size: CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds produce bolls with an impressive size ranging from 5.5 to 5.7 grams, contributing to higher cotton yield per unit area.

**Pest and Disease Tolerance:**
– Good Tolerance to Sucking Pests and Foliar Diseases: These seeds have built-in resistance to common pests and foliar diseases, reducing the need for excessive pesticide applications and promoting a healthier crop.

**Yield Performance:**
– More Yield in First 2 Pickings: CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds have been proven to deliver enhanced yield during the initial pickings, providing early returns on your farming investment.

**Versatile Growing Conditions:**
– Suitable in Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions: Whether you’re cultivating in rainfed areas or under irrigated conditions, CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds thrive in the Central and South Zones.

Choose CCH-03 BG II Cotton Seeds for a reliable and high-performance cotton farming experience. Elevate your crop yield, simplify your cultivation practices, and maximize your returns with our premium cotton seeds. Order now and embark on a journey to a bountiful harvest!

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