BASF Acrisio ® Metrafenone 500 G/L SC – Fungicide


Technical Name : Metrafenone 500 G/L

It is the best product to control powdery mildew disease.

It has a unique and dual mode of action with low risk

It inhibits the growth of mycelium on the leaf surface .

Strong>Powdery mildew specialist

Time of application: Preventive application

Dose per Acre : 100 ml, Pack size : 100 ml

Acricio is a BASF fungicide.

Why this proposed positioning is important?

  • First spray in pre-bloom stage (30 DAP) as preventive spray and restrict the infection in primary stage.
  • Second spray in Berry setting stage (40-45 DAP) is the change in MOA and will protect developing berries.
  • Third spray at (50-55 DAP) will specially for Bunch (Berry, Petiole & Rachis) protection from PM which will be USP for Acrisio.

Spray interval should be 10-12 days

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

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Product Name: Acrisio


Technical Ingredient: Metrafenone 500 g/L



Acrisio is an advanced fungicide formulated with a potent concentration of Metrafenone at 500 g/L. Metrafenone is a highly effective fungicide known for its broad-spectrum disease control and plant health benefits. Acrisio is designed to provide superior protection against various fungal pathogens, promoting overall plant development and ensuring healthy crop yields.


Uses and Dosage:

Acrisio is recommended for use in agriculture to control and prevent a range of fungal diseases affecting crops. The recommended dosage is 100 ml per acre, ensuring optimal coverage for effective disease management.


Diseases Controlled:

Acrisio is highly effective against a variety of fungal diseases, including but not limited to:


  1. Powdery Mildew
  2. Botrytis cinerea (Gray Mold)
  3. Alternaria spp.
  4. Sclerotinia spp.
  5. Rusts
  6. Downy Mildew


When to Use:

Acrisio should be applied preventively or at the first sign of disease symptoms. It is recommended to incorporate Acrisio into a regular fungicide program to maintain continuous protection throughout the crop growth cycle. Application timings may vary depending on the specific crop and regional disease pressures, so it is advisable to follow local agricultural extension recommendations.


Advantages Over Other Fungicides:

  1. Broad-Spectrum Control: Acrisio provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of fungal pathogens, making it a versatile solution for disease management in various crops.


  1. Residual Activity:

The formulation of Acrisio ensures prolonged residual activity, providing extended protection between applications. This can reduce the frequency of fungicide treatments, leading to cost savings and enhanced sustainability.


  1. Systemic Action:

Acrisio exhibits systemic properties, allowing it to be absorbed by the plant and translocated to different parts, providing thorough protection even in hard-to-reach areas.


  1. Plant Health Benefits:

Besides disease control, Acrisio supports overall plant health. It enhances the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, resulting in improved stress tolerance, increased yield potential, and enhanced crop quality.


  1. Environmental Compatibility:

Acrisio is designed to be environmentally friendly, with a favorable toxicological and ecological profile. This makes it a responsible choice for integrated pest management strategies.


In summary, Acrisio with Metrafenone 500 g/L is a cutting-edge fungicide that offers effective disease control, systemic action, and plant health benefits. Its broad-spectrum activity and advantages over other fungicides make it a valuable choice for modern agricultural practices.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
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100 ml, 250 ml, wh 100ml * 10, wholesale 100ml * 60, wholesale 250 * 24



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