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Root Out

Technical Name

Glyphosate 41% S

It is a non selective, systemic, post emergent hebicide containing isopropyl amine salt of glyphosate glycine.

It is used to control weeds spp like Cyanadon dactylon, Sorghum hehepens, Arundinella bengalensis and other dicot and monocot weeds,


It is composed of Glyphosate 41% SL

It is a non selective herbicide to control most of the broad leaved weeds and annual grasses.

It contains isopropyl amine which kills the living plant tissue and its roots.

It controls certain broad leaved weeds and small seeded grasses.

It is a good and safe source of Nitrogen.

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 30 × 50 cm
quantity in ltr

1ltr, 20LTR, 250 ml, 500ml, 5ltr


Bharat Insecticides Ltd

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