RAllies Tata takumi – flubedimide 100gms


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  • Control of broad range of Lepidoptera pests. – Pronounced larvicidal activity, product has to be ingested – No ovicidal activity
  • Takumi is fast acting and leads to rapid cessation of feeding immediately after ingestion of the compound
  • The unique mode of action of Fame makes it an excellent tool for resistance management programme and IPM suitable due to its favourable toxicity profile
  • Spreads on both sides of the leaf, thus saving time, energy and money
  • Rain fast due to specific physico-chemical properties
  • It is non-toxic to adult honey bees (LD50 greater than 200 μg a.s./bee for acute oral and contact exposure). Likewise, it does not pose a risk to beneficial insects as parasitoids, predatory mites, or foliage-dwelling insect species

Mode of Action:

In contrast to most commercially successful insecticides which act on the nervous system, Flubendiamide disrupts proper muscle function in insects and therefore represents a novel, unique mode of action.


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”

It is composed of Flubendiamide 20% WDG

Targeted Pests: 

  • Bollworms, Rice stem Borer, Aphid, Jassid, Leaf folder, American bollworm, Pod borer, Diamond, back moth, Fruit borer of Cotton, Rice, Pigeon Pea, Cabbage.

Dosage: 0.5 gm/Lt of water

Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm


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