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Cotton seeds product PROFIT+ BGII is a cutting-edge variety renowned for its exceptional characteristics, making it a sought-after choice for farmers seeking high yields and pest resistance. With an early maturity period of approximately 150 days, this cultivar allows for a quicker harvest, optimizing the production cycle.

One key feature is its synchronous boll bursting, ensuring uniformity in cotton release and facilitating efficient harvesting processes. The cultivar exhibits a high degree of tolerance to sucking pests, providing farmers with a reliable defense mechanism against common insect threats, ultimately contributing to increased crop yield.

Moreover, PROFIT+ BGII showcases an impressive level of water stress tolerance, making it resilient in challenging environmental conditions. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in regions with unpredictable or limited water availability, enhancing the crop’s adaptability to varying climates.

The chain boll bearing habit of this cotton variety further adds to its appeal, as it promotes continuous flowering and boll development throughout the growing season. Additionally, the introduction of compressed bolls represents an innovative trait, enhancing cotton fiber quality and overall crop efficiency.

Farmers can benefit from PROFIT+ BGII’s excellent boll opening, facilitating easier and more efficient cotton picking during harvesting. The cultivar is designed to streamline the harvesting process, leading to increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

When considering the purchase of cotton seeds, it is essential to inquire about the cotton seed price, ensuring that the investment aligns with the expected returns. Farmers can conveniently buy PROFIT+ BGII cotton seeds, and the availability of cotton seeds for sale allows for easy access to this high-performance cultivar.

Cotton, known as a cash crop, holds significant economic value, and the utilization of advanced varieties like PROFIT+ BGII reinforces its status as a lucrative agricultural product. Implementing effective cotton pest control measures becomes crucial for maintaining the crop’s health and maximizing yield.

Bollgard technology, incorporated into PROFIT+ BGII, further enhances pest resistance, offering an additional layer of protection against harmful insects. This innovation contributes to sustainable farming practices and promotes the long-term success of cotton cultivation.

In summary, PROFIT+ BGII stands out in the market with its early maturity, synchronous boll bursting, pest tolerance, water stress resistance, chain boll bearing habit, compressed bolls, and excellent boll opening. Its availability for purchase, coupled with the advantages it offers, positions this cotton variety as a valuable choice for farmers aiming for high yields and sustainable agriculture.

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Nath seeds profit plus cotton hybrid seeds are developed using bollgourd 2 technology. These are also known as NBC-102 BG 2. These are truthfully labelled seeds having 98% physical purity and 90% genetic purity. These seeds are recommended to cultivate in states like Andra pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.


They have good boll bearing ability

Tolerant to sucking pests like Jassids, whiteflies, thrips and mites.

Some population of Pink bollworm have developed resistance to Bollgourd 2 in parts of the country and may require adoption of recommended crop protection.

Brand-Nath seeds

It is available in the pack size of 475 gms

“All the results and informations are provided based on trials and books”

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